Spring Water

Spring water is naturally filtered through several layers of sand and moraine to naturally rise to the ground where it is tapped. What differentiates spring water from other bottled water is that it is naturally clean (it has not been processed by any chemicals) and it naturally contains minerals (no minerals have been chemically added).

The spring water source is located by the Salpausselkä ridge by the southern edge of Finland’s sea district. The Salpausselkä ridge was formed after the glacial period over 10 000 years ago. The spring water has been naturally filtered through thick layers of clean sand and moraine.

We provide the spring water on plastic bottles of the sizes 350 ml, 500 ml, 1,5 L and 5,1 L water carriers.
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Values in mg/l

pH value                    6,6

Calcium (Ca)             12 mg

Sodium (Na)              5,3 mg

Potassium (K)            2,4 mg

Magnesium (Mg)       4,5 mg

Manganese (Mn)     0,01 mg

Aluminium (Al)      <0,01 mg

Iron (Fe)                 <0,01 mg

Chloride (Cl)             4,9 mg

Sulphate (SO4)         25 mg

Nitrate (NO3)           3,8 mg

Fluoride (F)             <0,1 mg

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